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Thread: Whistler, BC

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    Whistler, BC

    Was Awesome. Thanks for all the recommendations prior to the trip.

    Flew into Seattle Wed 12pm, and after meeting up with Rocket Gurl headed over to the Red Hook Brewery for Lunch, and then took off to the great white north. Snowboarded for three days straight. Ate Poutine. Spoke Canadian with the Canadians.

    Good times.

    //Oh yah... we took ZERO pictures.
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    That means it never happened.
    Move along...nothing to see here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyreneSong
    That means it never happened.
    ^^^^ this.

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    Now come back in the summer and experience the 2 wheeled culture up there. Glad you had a good time though. I love it up there. That's why I got engaged there, married there, bought a timeshare there and why it'll be one of my 1st trips to buy a place when I win the lotto!

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    This thread needs some Canadian, Please.

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