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    Will the 'net-nanny' let me post the brand Chain Cracker yet?

    Man, when I first saw this brand name edited, I couldn't figure out which 'obscenity' it was hiding. I figured that fokker and schister were too dirty, so I assumed that it was cr@pper, or maybe dumper, but c_r_a_c_k_e_r? Really???

    Firstly, I would think that about 95% of the time this word is used, it's not meant in the vaguely rude meaning. Certainly, Nabisco never meant it that way, nor do millions of Britons during Christmastime, nor even those who break into safes for a living. Even Mr. Graham, while being a bit of a loon, never intended his concoction to be insulting, and I'm sure that Polly never meant to be insulting...

    Also, the word initially meant a team driver, who would 'crack' a whip. I suppose when used derogatorily, it would be a way of pointing out the said person's low economic status, but that's about all. I bet that "white trash", "pecker-wood", or even "honky" are considered worse insults (I wonder how many of those will get past the software??).
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    Will the 'net-nanny' let me post the brand Chain Cracker yet?

    Yeah, Iím the wrong one to ask. I giggle a little inside every time I see one of these:

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