The RABRAI 2017 notifications are still a few weeks away but Iím optimistic that my application will get me a slot and am making preliminary plans for the ride. My riding partners seem to have gotten cold feet however, and it now looks like Iíll be heading to RAGBRAI solo.

My original plan was to rent a car, specifically a mini-van or small SUV since there was to be three of us, and drive to Lansing, IA from the mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia area) in one long day. Once there, the plan was to take one of the charter service shuttles to the start at Orange City (bringing my own tent and gear but willl be using one of the charter camping services for camping & transport).

Iíd still like to do this and am looking for two individuals to replace those whoíve dropped out. My rough estimate for car rental and fuel is $800, so about $270 split three ways. I think we are limited to a total of three as thatís what my bike rack can carry.

PM me if youíre interested.