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Actually I don't think that parts list is entirely accurate. For one thing, the current Le Champ comes with American Classic 420's. Another point is that the Moto Le Champ is a close, close relation to the Fuji Team SL, which DOES in fact sell for over $2k most of the time. 3rd - show me the prices for complete sub-16 pound Ultegra bikes, and I think you'll see that the Moto Le Champs are a pretty good deal.
I am a 58 year old electrician who has gained some weight from being out of work and drinking a few too many beers while on the net.
I purchased a 1984 Panasonic Sport 1000 and put a odometer on it
the very first day. My 32 year old bike has 240 miles on it. I spent
18 bucks and bought a extender for my handle bars and raised them up about 4 inches, and I liked it, but now I have a problem where Ive shrunk over the years and the bike does not fit me. The Standover
is 34 3/4" and I wear 32 inch pants. The gear or brake line that runs along the top of the rail that has these clips is right where I land when I come off the seat, and its not much fun. I looked at a Schwinn Prelude for 237, but they only come in 55cm. I went to
the local bike shop and the least expensive bike they have is 550 on
sale. They said I needed a 56cm bike. They also said if I had to go up
to 57 and not down to 55. Im 6'2" but my legs are short and my upper torso is long, with a long neck. All of the different measurements I see on the net are driving me nuts. Then I hear that my 30 pd steel bike that glides really nice and shifts and is perfect for me in every way ( but the bar to high up ) will give a better ride then
the newer alum frame bikes that will pass the vibration on to my body.
Then I read counter things about that. I really dont want to spend a lot of money as I dont know how long I will ride, but in 32 years I only put on 240 miles. I have bike paths that are fairly level, and the local bike store suggested I just find another 56cm frame to put my bike parts on ( as they are like new ) and they would charge 100 bucks to switch everything over. I am not seeing any cheap bike frames on ebay or craigslist. The new shifters in the brake handles and other features are very nice. I do not like to lean over and use the bottom of the bars, but prefer to sit up straight and keep my hands near the
center of the handlebars.

I can sell my bike on craigslist for 150 so the cost of the motobecane mirage for 450 shipped isnt so bad. I dont know anything about 4010 vs any other number of the steel (alum) and my Panasonic has low end shimano front and back and shifts really nice.

I would appreciate any of your thoughts as to switch frames or
buy old used or this new mirage for 450 or what.

Thank you very much, I feel so lost as I dont want to spend big bucks and it seems like if you dont spend big bucks, you are looked
down on. Im not racing or touring, Im just looking to lose a few pounds and get to look at some pretty chicks while Im riding around.


Thank You for your help.

Road Bikes - 2013 Motobecane Mirage Sport
The BLUE one is what I like.

PS what size???? Im 6'2" and bike shop said get 56cm but my
panasonic is a 27" which is 68.58 and the bar is only 2 inches high
and 56cm is 22" 5 inches different when Im only needing the bar
dropped about 2 inches ???????? ( thanks this is so important )