I have had 2 Motobecane 400HT's. The first was an 09' that was a payment for doing a brake job and my current ride is a 14' model in gloss black. BD was the only place to get a Motobecane, I fell so deeply in love with the first one that was stolen that I had to replace it. My first one being 2nd hand was too tall of a frame for me. This one makes me feel like goldie locks " just right ".

Now with that said. I put engines on my bikes, I have the ability to re build them from the ground up. The 400HT frame is sturdy enough to handle 5+ HP and 55+ mph on the flat all out! So that's nice! Along with this much HP I have to have disc brakes front and rear, no exception.

The other big name bikes I was researching all have oval or not true round frames. This was a determining factor because I use the V the frame has to clamp a mount on to. Drilling aluminium frames is a big no no.

This bike has seen an actual 57.6 mph all out on the flat.
The previous one was hitting 40 easily with a much smaller engine and single speed belt drive. I now have a 18 bike that has 5ish HP running the cassette. Keeping the chain on the front sprocket at any rpm above 8000 is a challenge to say the least. This can pull 14000+ RPM all day long.