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    Hit and run at Jensie Fran Fondo - suspect tracked down and arrested

    It really bothers me that aggressive or careless drivers either don't understand lives are at stake, or don't care.

    No fatalities on this one but at least one severe injury and 4 riders hit.

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    He should be tried for a terrorist act. This is why I stopped road riding.

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    I was roughly 10 minutes behind them .. It was not fun rolling up on that scene. Those guys passed me on the last hill climb.. glad I was slow and lazy that day.
    Jens was no more then 5 min behind me...

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    We have his name. Time to get his address and pay a visit.

    Aaron Paff, 21, of Novato.
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    the perp was driving a pickup truck...

    seems like almost every one that passes me lately does so with complete disregard for safety...too fast, too close, not yielding ROW at intersections.

    frequently get stink-eye looks from the drivers.

    as a class of vehicles, they're pretty much at the top of the list of ones to be involved in something sketchy.
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    Hit and run at Jensie Fran Fondo - suspect tracked down and arrested

    This is rural north bay .. pickups are dime a dozen. I saw atleast 1000 Harley too.. I think the motorcyclist with the camera was likely one of those guys that provided video to catch the loser.. so thanks to them all

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    I can't imagine rolling up to the scene. I was supposed to ride the 70 mile route, but do to an injury, I have been off the bike for about a month and decided to bail down to the 40 mile.

    I haven't heard an update on the injured riders. Hoping the best for them.

    It has been reported that the driver received a DUI a few months ago. Combined with the relatively high profile of the event, he will get more than a slap on the wrist.

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