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    I'm planning on heading off to Kauai this winter for a conference plus a few extra days for holiday. Would it be worth bringing my Ritchey Break-Away road bike along?

    What are the roads like in Kauai? Are the shoulders paved? Safe for road biking?

    I've looked on Google, but everything I can find seems to be many years old.

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    been several years since I was there, but I recall the roads being narrow and winding, heavily-traveled in some areas, with no or generally sketchy shoulders.

    I'd stick to hiking the Napali Coast Trail, snorkeling, and drinking...
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    The way I remember the roads are narrow, no shoulders, gawking, cross-eyed, pre-occupied tourists behind the wheel.
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    What the others have said. I was there two years ago and was glad I didn't bring my bike. Narrow roads, narrow bridges - only saw a few cyclists on the main highways. There may be areas that are bike-friendly, but I was there for two weeks - all over the island and didn't see any.

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    Kaua'i has lots of angry wild chickens roaming everywhere!

    I'm from the islands, and really would only riding Mouna Kea, Haleakala, or the lunar landscape of Kona. All other areas would be too dangerous for my taste.

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