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    I'm tired of black ice

    My commute takes me from Portland where I live to Beaverton where I work. In the last month or so the streets in Beaverton have been covered with black ice. I got off the bike and was walking it this morning when another cyclist passed me. I warned him about the ice and especially the corner he was approaching. He was waiting for me when I walked up to tell me he just went down. A co-worker went down this morning in it as well. It's invisible, it's slick and it sucks.

    Sorry, had to vent.

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    There was a cold spell up here in Vancouver over the last few weeks - some of the roads looked horrible sometimes. I've wimped out of riding to work a few times, as I've come off in the past - I hate black ice too!

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    I lived out in Vancouver for a bit...
    The issue the NW has with black ice (i think) comes from it's unwillingness to use road salts to melt the ice, claiming that it's bad for the plants along the side of the road...
    Therefore, the cinders they lay down instead ends up helping to build that layer of ice thicker, and yet provides little to no traction...

    My family is in N.H. and they actually lay ice-melt (I have no environmental info on it) and get just about as much ice as the Gorge gets... But I've never had ice issues in the N.E. states... just my personal observation.

    Ultimately, Be Careful guys.
    You can ride a BIG WHEEL as long as it puts a smile on your face.

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