I've just bought a new (09 model frame but built with 2010 compnents) FP5. The bike is beautiful but the crank feels very stiff to turn by hand! I removed the crank today to see whether it was overtightened and to see what washers or spacers were installed.
The bike has a Most Lyric 7 carbon crankset and an FSA MegaExo bottom bracket. Currently there is no o-ring or spacer between the bb and the crank on the drive side and there is one "wavy" washer on the left side between the crank and bb. Does anyone know whether this is correct? I tightened the crank again to the correct torque setting (45NM)but it still feels very stiff. Any advice would be appreciated.
Also I understand that the Most cranks are rebadged FSA components? If this is the case does anyone know what the equivalent FSA part is - there are good installation diagrams on the FSA website!