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    In all the hustle and bustle of Super Tuesday, you may not have noticed... and the writers for "Saturday Night Live" won't have Jean Schmidt to kick around any more.

    Local pundits are blaming "the kiss." That, and some other stuff:

    What brought Schmidt down? | |

    Anecdotal sidebar: I was working out at the gym yesterday, and mentioned to someone how Brad Wenstrup would probably be their new US rep (Jean Schmidt and her identical twin sister often come in for massages at my gym.) A woman I didn't know overheard this, and said that he was the podiatrist for several women she knew, and volunteered that he had a rep as a "player" in her circles.

    Wishful thinking by some unfulfilled matrons, or not? Even for an Ohioan, Mr. Wenstrup is remarkably handsome and telegenic.

    I report, you decide.

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    she was not deemed

    conservative enough, yes? Texas PAC $, angry TEA types and a good looking war vet
    one nation, under surveillance with liberty and justice for few

    still not figgering on biggering

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    Mean Jean is out!

    I was waiting for you to comment on this.

    btw, I was running errands last night and flipped to AM. Jeffrey Kuhner (lunatic who writes op-eds for The Washington Times) was filling in for Michael Savage.

    anyways, I'd love to find the audio and post it here. it was absolutely hilarious. basically the fact that Kucinich lost a primary to Kaptur means... a conservative revolution, possibly bigger than Reagan (in his words) was brewing.

    it's was absolutely hilarious and of course he never mentioned that Mean Jean lost or that "Joe the Plumber" will lose to Kaptur.

    but yeah, as Kucinich goes so goes, well, I'm not sure, but it's a harbinger of something monumental (according to Kuhner).

    good stuff.

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