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    Ricardo Cabeza
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    cop beating: Bakersfield man dies from heart disease

    at the VERY MOMENT he is being beaten by sheriff deputies.

    The beating did not cause his death, so says the coroner, who, coincidentally is also the sheriff.

    No conflict of interest there, nope.

    Autopsy: Man beaten by deputies died of heart disease, not blows -
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    If they had shot him instead, the cops would be PO Heros of the Day.

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    "This guy was definitely the aggressor as he continually used his face to hit the batons and fist of the officers. A real loose cannon! The citizens of Bakersfield are certainly alot safer with this maniac off the streets." mikegoodness at 7:54 PM May 25, 2013

    Bakersfield is about as close to the armpit of California as one can get. The epicenter of real country music.
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    ahhhh the blind eye of justice....
    one nation, under surveillance with liberty and justice for few

    still not figgering on biggering

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