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    NATURAL GAS: end of low prices with LNG exports

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    End of low natural gas prices...

    Global market. It's funny how my right wing friends all want free markets, but want their gas subsidized so they can pay less.
    However I am very glad the US is doing well in the export game. It's good for all of us to be exporting and not just importing.

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    nonsense . liquifying and shipping LNG is an intensive process, it'll take quite a bit of time
    for shipping terminals to come online , gas producers are already idling drilling equipment waiting for higher prices , and the US has something like ... I can't remember , a 175-year supply of gas?

    I sure support nonpetroleum fuels but railing against gas exports because of price pressure is the last of my worries .

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    the US has something like ... I can't remember , a 175-year supply of gas
    Shoot, we'll blow through that like sh!t through a goose. That's why we need Coal... Clean, Fresh Coal.

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