Forum members,

I am pleased by the diversity of topics we are discussing this week. Thank you for your continued participation in an interesting conversation.

That said, sometimes you may feel the need to report a post as inappropriate.

If you do and you have the time, could you please quote the passage that you find disturbing, and note what your concern is?

While notes like this are not mandatory, the VBB software is not always the fastest. Theoretically all of the reports contain a number which allows us to identify the post you are talking about, but, in practice this has a mixed success rate.

Also, know that bad post reports cannot be directly responded to by moderators and admins. If you have a question or would like a specific response, please use a PM.

Thanks again.

P.S. -- Spam is usually pretty easy to identify when reported, so, for these, simply reporting the post as "spam!" is good enough.