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    Stupid People not limited to USA

    A Canadian woman is advocating to have oak trees removed from public land to protect kids with nut allergies. Seriously.

    My son has a nut allergy. We have lived in a house with 6 ancient oak trees that produce plenty of acorns. In 11 years we have NEVER seen the slightest reaction.

    While we are at it, lets kill all the bees on public land to protect the kids allergic to bee stings.

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    People are stupid. Doesn't matter where they are.
    Other countries need to stop hatin' or we'll unfriend them. - Christine

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    "there's nuts all over the place."

    She said it herself, and she proves it.
    “A false sense of security is putting a sign on the door that says nut-free and there’s nuts all over the place,”
    I don't think it proves anything larger. She's just a nut.

    Did you ever try to eat an acorn? Native Americans sometimes got a lot of nutrition from them, but it took a lot of processing to get rid of the bitterness and make them palatable.

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    I've already had serious arguments with people over their allergies. The most recent was a woman yelling at a restauranteur after her kid had an allergic reaction to whatever they ate. She was touting that he's allergic to fish. Well, ma'am - you're at a Japanese hibachi where shellfish is served on every grill at every meal at dinner time...

    People lose sight of their sanity when their kid's well-being is concerned.

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