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    Walmart gives raises today--unless you got laid off by Walmart today

    Yea! Because of corporate tax cuts walmart employees now get 11 dollars an hour! Unless you work in one of 50+ stores that they shuttered today--so sorry 9000+ employees you get a bonus and 60 days pay "if you are eligible"

    So good news all around!
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    Maybe Carrier is hiring?
    Can they build a wall?
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    Those bonuses and raises Walmart gave are:

    1. Bonuses are based on seniority. To get the full $1000, employees have to have worked for Walmart for 20 years.
    2. The raises were likely due to being competitive (Target raised their minimum wage to $11/hr last September) and state minimum wage laws.

    The one-time bonus amounts to just over 2 percent of the total value of the Trump tax cut to the company.
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    Like I said there is no free lunch either its from me or someone else . In this case , the money is from those 9000 laid off employees .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mapeiboy View Post
    Like I said there is no free lunch either its from me or someone else . In this case , the money is from those 9000 laid off employees .



    So corporate apologist....assume those 9000 employees worked 20 hours a week. What do they cost to Walmart? Call this value "A"

    What do all the other employees who weren't fiored and got a raise who also only work 20 hours a week and got a $2 raise, cost Walmart before versus after the wage hike? Call this value "B"

    After having thought about A versus B for more than 5 you yet realize why I'm laughing at your post? Why do you insult yourself and everyone else's intelligence with nonsense thoughtless offhand excuses so easily disproven?
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    A friend of mine is a Walmart GM, she said the company does this from time to time since their long term hourly workers max out and can't get raises any longer. As she put it, "Corporate throws them a bone every couple of years". She figured they did it now, and claimed it was due to the tax cut just for PR.

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