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    Dave Scott and Mark Allen sue VeloPress

    I know this triathlon news could be considered off-topic here but it does involve some cycling and Velonews' publishing business. Plus, the pro cycling season is winding down.

    Dave Scott and Mark Allen have filed a lawsuit against VeloPress for an upcoming book that details their rivalry, including the famous 1989 World Ironman competition between the two.

    Fitzgerald is generally known for his how-to books (lose weight, run faster, etc.) and not biographies. Wonder if his imagination took over on this one because the two subjects wouldn't give him enough information?

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    Reading their response seems all would have been OK if they would have been given a slice of the pie.
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    I grew up in the same town as Dave Scott. He always came of as "entitled". Most people from Davis, Ca think they are entitled. He was a douche. Wanted nothing to do with the local cycling scene. I was a junior then and we tried to set up a time trial clinic with him, but we couldn't raise the fee he wanted. I agree that if the author had paid the fee, they would have collaborated. The book will sell just fine. The list of tri books isn't very long and they are fiends for anything tri.
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