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    Directeur sportif

    Tell me about the Directeur sportif. Is he typically a nice guy that takes care of his riders, loves the sport and sees that everyone has time to see the sights. Or is he more of a slave driver that would say something like pull the barb wire out of your * and get back on the bike.
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    Just like any other boss / manager, depends on the individual. Everybody has their own style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
    Just like any other boss / manager, depends on the individual. Everybody has their own style.
    Even further on that, I bet it depends on the situation most know the riders long enough to know when to cuddle and when to kick. Which riders are better off being yelled at and which ones perform better when you build up their confidence.

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    Two words. Manolo Saiz.


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    Like others have said a real mix. Even within same organization you'll see differing styles that will compliment one another. For some it comes naturally and others a real struggle. Axel Merckx is a guy that jumped in and was able to make it look natural. Really has the trust of the young guys, they respect him, trust what he says and most importantly will bury themselves for him. Did a ride along at Georgia (brasstown bald stage) with a guy that had to pick up a rider, very compassionate towards the rider. An hour later the rider was feeling better, cutting up in the back seat. The Director says "if you're feeling so effing good lets pull your bike back off the roof and you can finish the stage" rider was silent the rest of the day.

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