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    free streaming video for tdf

    Looking for a good streaming video source for cycling. I've been using cyclingfans, but they claim that I need to update my media player, then provide Ilivid or some other player that wants to install a custom toolbar. IIRC, similar problems occur with steephill. These toolbars are mal / spy ware that I don't want on my computer. I had Ilivid on once, and it took some effort and internet research to remove, digging into the windows registry.

    I've been able to watch most days, but you have to view full screen by hitting the fullscreen button before the screen fully loads. If you escape out to normal browser screen, you may have trouble getting a full screen again, and will have to change to another video source.

    I don't have the resources to pay a subscription fee.

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    The links at Steephill have not required or asked for a toolbar installation on my PC. However, I will say they have been terrible this Tour with many disruptions and crashes, at least for me. I have a pretty up to date computer as well. I'm going to impose on one of my friends tomorrow to see the Ventoux stage on cable.

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    Agree. Would love to find a free live feed online of quality that doesn't have the headaches of CF or SH. I'm actually preferring the British Europsort commentary even if P&P are also available

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    Error 404 - Page Not Found - FromSport -

    I'm using this one with ad blocker running. It seems to work very well.
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