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    on bike nutrition for diabetics

    I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was wondering what I could eat while riding. Rides of 50-100 miles are what I'm concerned about. I tried the search feature, but it gave me nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g-dawg View Post
    I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was wondering what I could eat while riding. Rides of 50-100 miles are what I'm concerned about. I tried the search feature, but it gave me nothing.
    I check my BG before and after rides. However, my rides are three hours or less.

    I use Hammer gel for fuel on the ride and then chocolate milk and a bagel (For example) for after the ride/recovery.
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    Im sorry to hear about your diagnosis.... I know its not easy.

    There is actually a community out there that are Type 1 (and 2) diabetics that compete in all sorts of races. i.e. triathlons, marathons etc. Insulindependence is one...

    Are you on an insulin pump, straight insulin, or oral medication? The reason I ask is because each diabetic is more or less different, especially when it comes to training. I could be specific and talk about setting temporary basal rates before and after a ride, or what works for me but its probably best to talk to your doctor.

    As for fuel. Gu's, hammer gel, sports drink with sugar and carbs, pb and jelly sandwiches, power bars, etc. or whatever else will fit into your pocket that won't melt. I was about 25miles from home once and was low...I think I was in the 70's and dropping. What got me home safely was one Cliff bar.

    When youre on the saddle for that long, I would make sure you eat plenty of complex carbs before heading out. Id also make sure to test every 45min-hour. Also bring cash, you never know if you run out of food and need to stop somewhere.

    I'd also invest in a Road ID. No, I don't work for them, its just handy and could be a life saver. Theres plenty of testimonies out there.

    If youre really concerned you could always carry a GlucaGen kit. Its an emergency kit to treat severe low blood sugar. Again, talk to your doctor.

    I hope this helped it someway. There are so many variables with training, nutrition and diabetes. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    I've been a runner for 17 years, type 1 for 4 years and a triathlete for about 3. Im still learning but have done extensive research on what seems to help. Best of luck.

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    Sorry about your diagnosis, stay positive. You're doing the right thing, my former dr./ nurse always said "the 3 m's", Monitor (your BG), Measure (your carbs, food intake), Movement (keep moving, exercise).
    Like a previous post said, diabeties effects everyone differently. Check your BG right before you head out, check it every 45 minutes, check it when you get home. Remember what you consumed on your ride and how did it effected ytou. PB&J sandwiches are ideal, OJ in a water bottle was always handy at times, or if you stop, grab a small bottle of OJ. One of my fav's are payday candy bars.
    There's a book called "The diabetic Athelete". One of my Dr's gave it to me. He said mainly use it as a reference. It was OK.

    I was type 1 in 1985. Did the whole gamut...injections, pen, then a pump. Did a triathlon wearing the pump on the bike & run portion. I remember my readings would jump all around during an event. Did a 1/2 marathon once and didn't eat a thing at the water/snack stations. I was in the 30's after the race. Dr was pretty peeved.
    In 2005 I received a pancreas transplant, can't say I miss those BG highs & lows.
    Take care, and you will have to experiment a little, as certain consumables will effect you differently.
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