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    " The race was close to 29.1 mph, with a hill, so it wasn’t that slow. "

    ... I'd agree with that fer sure, Steve.

    I always recommend Tilford's blog to any American bike racer. When you get some time, go read the back issues. Tilly's a living legend in American bike racing and has informed opinions on lots of bike racing topics. Always a good read.

    Tulsa Tough Day Two ? Brady District Criterium | Steve Tilford
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    And....Tulsa Tough is a great event. Even if you don't race, the spectating there is awesome.

    Look up cry baby hill. That thing is fun to race and a pretty good time when you are done.

    The Brady district crit is one of my favorites for the year.
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    Great article. I'm still bummed I didn't pay attention, and let my wife book us a trip to Napa Valley during TT.
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    I always read his blog.
    Honestly? I sometimes feel disheartened to realize that I may have to race him, or Ned Overend, or anybody, that old that can still mix it up with the Pro/1/2fields, and not get dropped. It won't stop me though.

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    A little confused. How the heck is the speedo accurate to XX."X" Aren't they at best .5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notvintage View Post
    A little confused. How the heck is the speedo accurate to XX."X" Aren't they at best .5?
    well you know the racing time to about a second and you know the total length to about a wheel revolution. likely the uncertainty in tyre width is the main limitation but that does not account for 0.5mph by a long shot.
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