Hey there.
I am new here and was wondering if anyone has heard of a road bike by the name of Astrale by Bianchi? I put an ad on Craigslist this last January for a fixxer upper, and landed this Astrale by Bianchi road bike for $5.00. It WAS in rather rough condition, but over the winter I rebuilt it and refinished it as best as I could, and now have a great bike. Any information would be appreciated.

The bike has a cro-mo frame, Shimano RS rear derailluer, Shimano FE front derailleur, sugino crank, 12 speed (2 on the chainwheel and 6 on the cassette), Shimano brakes front and rear. Like a bonehead I did not keep the Bianchi head badge sticker after removing it with a blow dryer. I have yet to replace it. The bike was black with gold lettering. Steel chromed wheels (27 inch). I asked a LBS owner and he was the ONLY person who said he heard of it and that it was a lower end Bianchi (which makes total sense). I have a pic below of the bike after the build. Not the best quality pic...sorry.