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    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport

    I bought this Schwinn Super Sport new in 1973. List price was about $150. I had thought about adding some new components a few years ago and discussed briefly with my son who rode the bike some when he was at college. This bike is big with the 26" frame as I am a long legged 6'3" and my son is 6"5". Finally the project has come to a completion thanks to some help from Scoopers post on his 1973 Super Sport with Campy Triple Comp super-sport-184615.html; my son; and an unfortunate accident.
    Here is the finished product.

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-img_3566.jpg

    My son surprised me for Christmas of 2015 with the frame all cleaned up and freshly powder coated in a color very close to the original Sunset Orange. My wife gave me a new Brooks saddle in the Honey color.

    Last year I had a unfortunate accident with my regular ride which was a Serotta Legend Ti (custom) with full Campy Record that I ordered and had built in 2000 by Belmont Wheelworks in The Boston area. The frame got crunched but the components were saved.

    Finally this year I bit the bullet and had the Super Sport rebuilt with the Campy Record components. David Brink at Cyclemania in Portland Maine helped guide the project and do the stuff I didn't want to mess with after I had sourced some of the needed bits.

    I used the Tru-Vativ American to Euro bottom bracket conversion and the Campy Crank was used. We used the Mavic Aksium wheels that I had on the Serrotta and the OEM Stem and handlebars as they came original in 1973. The Campy 10 speed rear cassette was gently put into the place from the old spot where a 5 speed belonged.

    We needed long reach brakes so went with Tektro. I sourced the Campy downtube cable guide as Scooper did. A new Thomson Seat post and we finished it off with Brooks leather handlebar tape.

    The bike weighed in at 26 lbs even and I think that isn't too bad given that we could have chased weight some other places.

    It is great bike to ride. It won't be a daily ride but it is fun to ride and very comfortable despite the 9 lb weight disadvantage to my "new" regular ride.

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71de.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-img_3574.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71e2.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-img_3572.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71eb.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71e4.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71ea.jpg

    Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71df.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-img_3570.jpg   Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71dc.jpg   Campy Record on 1973 Schwinn Super Sport-unadjustednonraw_thumb_71e1.jpg  
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    some thoughts ...

    - congrats on the build.

    - if everything works great with no reservations, congrats again.

    - make that first pic the last time you feature the non drive-side.

    - orange is the best color for any bike and commands the best used prices.

    - i think the more modern wheels and levers detract from the vintage aesthetic, but that's merely my opinion. what's really important is how it rides.

    - i'd like to know more about the choice of bb and that whole process.

    - i use tektros on all my vintage keepers that are a 700c conversion. i've found that r539 model reaches most front rims and the r559 reaches most rears. you can buy them individually. they look best when the pad is lowest in the caliper. i recently purchased a new r539 set on ebay with kool-stops for $61. these went on my '73 falcon. i had to use a rotary tool on the brake pad slot to pull the pads down far enough on the rear. i had to do the same metal working on a front r539 model to fit 'em to my '60 paramount. the extra effort is worth it.
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    Did my Supersport conversion back in the late 70s. Mine was the deep chocolate brown metallic. I see you figured out how to remove the kickstand that must have weighed a pound or two. How did you figure out how to adapt the Huret dropout stops for the Campy RD? Very fine example of filet brazing.

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    I have a 10-speed crank if you need another as I don't have Campy anymore.
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    Thanks blackfrancois

    Great input and you are correct on a number of things
    1. The first picture has been changed the drive side - thanks - an oversight on my part
    2. I loved the orange as it is great looking and very close to the original but my son made the choice for me when he had the powedercoat done as a surprise
    3. The modern wheels and levers are definitely more vintage but at some point I had to make a call and move forward with the components that I had. Time and Money. Someday maybe I'll retrofit with silver rims and levers
    4. The BB choice was made simple by the post referenced above on the Triple Comp Super Sport. The Truvative American to European BB conversion is simple and inexpensive and durable. It just pops right in and is spaced accordingly for the 68mm spacing required. Since I had the Campy components I new that I needed an English threaded BB. You can find this part readily on the web as it used by BMX bikers.
    5. I used Tektros R559's front and rear. Fully extended for the rear and fully retracted for the front.

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    Thanks GKSki

    Interesting I had a Chocolate Metallic (Sierra Brown) Continental that I bought new in 1970. Beautiful color. Mine was stolen.

    You Tube is a good source on things like removing the kickstand... It is a chunk

    For the rear derailleur hanger I again just followed Scooper's lead ( I was advised many time to do this and his post is great resource. Follow the link above on his Triple Comp Super Sport. So the Campy went on relatively easily but I am not a great bike mechanic so my approach was to do the things that I could and then turn it over to the crew at Cyclemania to make everything work.

    Yes I have always loved the look of filet brazed frames. My Serotta frameset had that great look also... just in Titanium

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    Thanks tabl10s

    I will keep that in mind for the future. This is the only Campy I have.

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