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Thread: Gianni Motta

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    Gianni Motta

    So I recently inherited a Gianni Motta frameset. It's NOS and unpainted, save for a coat of primer. It has an incomplete decal set that indicates that it's the Personal model. However, it has internal brake cable routing, both sides of the seat stays and chain stays are chromed, and a distinctive brake bridge that leads me to believe that it's a Personal 2001r based on my internet research. I haven't had time to take proper photos of it yet, but they'll come.

    So I have a bunch of questions.

    First is to find out if there's any definitive place online to actually figure out what I have. I haven't been able to find a serial number yet, just some stamps on the BB indicating it's a Gianni Motta, but I should take another look when I know what to look for. I'm interested in what the tubing is, for one thing. The year and such. I'd like to actually nail down what model it is and buy the appropriate decals.

    Second is if anyone here knows of a paint shop they can recommend to paint the frame. I'm not really going for a full historically accurate restoration, but I like the fame and it has a good deal of personal significance, so I want it done right. Details like finishing the transition between the paint and the chrome. I know it's usually done with stickers, but have no idea where to source something like that. It'd be nice to work with someone who has experience with restorations. I know it probably won't be cheap, but I also intend to keep this bike for good.

    Second and a half is who I can get to re-space the drop outs. They're standard 80s 126mm. I know I could do it myself, but I don't have the tools or experience to make sure the dropouts stay aligned. I plan on running Campagnolo 11spd, so I figure alignment is going to be pretty important. Plus it's spent a few decades out of sight/out of mind, chances are it hasn't been babied that entire time. I'd prefer someone who does this regularly, so that rules out any of the LBS. I was hoping that whatever paint shop is recommended also has someone who can do this, but I also realize that's probably wishful thinking.

    Third is parts. BB measured out at 70mm width, so it's Italian, yes? Seat post measured 27.15mm ID with calipers. So I'm either looking at a 27.0mm seat post (saw some GM frames spec'd out like this) or the standard 27.2mm, which I'm hoping for. I'll try fitting one of my 27.2 seat posts in there to double check. But it'd be nice to find out what the official spec is for it so I don't end up cracking something in the seat tube cluster because I tried fitting in the wrong size seat post.

    But, yeah, this looks like it'll be a nice Summer project. I'll update this thread when I can and will post some pics when I get a chance.

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help anyone here can provide.

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    Finally have some photos up: _IGP7881 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    Painting, to some degree depends on where you live. Many people don't mind shipping and waiting for a top tier job from Joe Bell (San Diego) - fantastic work - or someone like Spectrum Powder Coating (Colorado Springs). There are many other quality painters out there. Some may be close to where you live which may be a personal preference - if there are any custom builders near you - they owuld be a good place to start.

    Usually it is the LBS that does the cold setting of your frame to 130mm - find an experienced mechanic for this.

    Decals are readily available for many bikes - usually the painters have sources for these.

    Good luck, like to see it when it is done.

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