The missus and I are taking a vacation to Boulder CO next month. Never been. tbh the only reason we're going is that numerous friends and family have told us "Oh, you guys would*love*Boulder!"
...but they haven't explicitly told us why.

So, what's good to do in Boulder CO? Any must-see places or events?

We'll be in CO to do the Triple Bypass, so we'll have our bikes with us and we definitely want to check out the road riding near Boulder. Any good routes we should do, or local clubs we should hook up with? We also like other outdoor activities, so if hiking or rafting or building huts out of mud and twigs is*de rigueur, give us the inside scoop please.

We're also foodies, so we'll be looking for excellent cuisine. Doesn't have to be too fancy. Does have to be on the quiet side though.*

Culture? What's Boulder have to offer?

Hook us up, yo! *Thanks.