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    Browsing: Fierte (steel) v Roubaix Expert?

    The two bikes sound like they're pretty much made for the same thing. Any thoughts as to the differences/similarities from people who've ridden both?

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    Your comparing an apple and an orange...

    The Roubaix is carbon, the Fierte is steel. Big difference. The Fierte will transmit the road to you, the Roubaix will have a deadened carbon feel. I own a Fierte and it is an absolutely pleasure to ride. I just don't like carbon and I rode 5k and 6k carbon bikes that to me just didn't ride the way I wanted them too. Go ride both and pick the ones that excites you...

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    I rode a Fierte and now a Serotta Legend. I sold my Fierte frame to the service manager at my LBS. He and I are roughly the same size. Goodness what a great ride. He had 32-spoke Open Pro wheels on it. I gave up the Fierte because I was tired of scratched/chipped paint and got a great deal on the Legend and it rides great so I have no regrets. But the sweet ride of the Fierte almost made me wish I had not sold it.

    The top of the line touring Cannondale came into the LBS with a Selle Anatomica saddle. The service manager was so impressed that he ordered one. I just did a short ride in the parking lot. For that distance it felt great. He said I could take it for a longer ride but the weather has been bad so I have not been able to take advantage of his offer.

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