I'm addressing this now on another forum about the nusiance of these roll over hyperlinked keyword ads. This is getting plain nuts and is frustrating the crap out of me. I'm about ready to call it quits on these forums I'm so frustrated, maybe even the internet in general, sorry but it's frustrating, maybe it's me because I'm 60 years old and can't stand all this crap. Anyway, just letting off some steam, but I have a feeling my days are numbered on these forums.

It's the same reason I cancelled cable TV because I got fed up with splash ads occurring in the middle of a program and disrupting the show or movie, I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to have a show or program destroyed by some splash up ad. Why don't they splash up ads during commercials? Oh that's right it would ruin the commercial, but who the hell cares if they ruin a movie! Now their going ruin the internet and they already started to ruin it I've clicked on news links only to be greeted with a 15 second commercial that I can't click away, just wait, all this crap is only going to get worse. There are some sites I've been on that almost every third word was a hypertext link, how stupid is that? And they use the same color, blue, that is use to be used to click on a word to study that word or thought more, now you get an ad. Sorry, but it's just all BS.