Heading out to Mesa, taking my road bike, to visit my sis for Christmas . She rides a road bike and want to take me on the Bush Hwy to Usery Pass Rd and back to her house. I am not sure of the mileage but I would think somewhere around 30-40 approx. which is great for a bro/sister ride.

I was thinking of doing something longer on one of the other days. I have ridden from her house in Mesa, Brown/Stapely, out to Power and then the Bush Hwy to Saguaro Lake as an out and back but never beyond there. Looking at Google maps what would be the approximate distance to ride from her house out to Saguaro Lake, continue to Beeline Hwy and back to Gilbert and back to her house?

What is the road like between Saguaro Lake and Beeline Hwy? Would it be wise to ride this solo?

Any info would be appreciated or suggestions for another ride