I was finally able to upgrade my wheelset this week. I knew it would make a difference but I had no idea that it would make this much of one. I had Mavic CXP 22 that came stock on the bike, we put it on scale prior to changing anything and it weighed 22.1 lbs, swapped the wheelset and weighed again now at 20.6 lbs. I wound up with this set cause i like the American Classic 20's that my LBS owners were both running on their bike but being the tightwad I am I didn't want to drop $1200, this set weighs 50g more and is 4mm shorter in the dish but retail about $650 less. First ride on them yesterday went well, just short of 23 miles. I will give it a month or so to put some more time and miles on them before I roll out a full review.