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There's probably several factor's involve, my weight, low spoke count on some, the terrain i ride mostly hills, bad wheel design(The Pacenti's) probably some too high tension, on my part, I have use Roger Musson e-book on my last two builds, plus I use a Park Tool Tension meter, an have had better luck with them lasting so far.
You won't go wrong if you follow Roger Musson's book. Follow his directions to the letter and you will have success. As far as tension meters, they can be out of calibration, but shouldn't be too far off. If you are on good terms with your bike shop, you could compare yours to theirs and get a feel for where you really are regarding specific tension. Generally, tension meters are most helpful in determining relative tensions so you can equalize tensions.

The wheels you built that failed both had low spoke counts, so that is what probably did you in on those. The fact that you are heavy AND ride lots of hills puts considerable stress on a wheel. However, there are heavier people who have had success with the H+ Son Archetypes and a 32 spoke count. That is a robust rim that I don't expect you to have problems with.

The DT 440 you had was probably a factory build. Nothing will be precise with those. Some of those aren't even stress relieved before being shipped out. Velomine is an online wheel retailer who has a note on new wheels to re-true them after 100 miles or so. A well built wheel should never need to be re-trued unless you are in a crash or hit a very large road hazard.