After a couple emails back and forth I ordered a set of 38mm Carbon sew-ups from Boyd. All responses to my emails were quick throught the whole process. I currently have a pair of Reynolds DVT UL46 wheels with 34c Griffos and the new wheels would be glued with Vittoria mud tires. I have had my Reynolds for 3 seasons and have never put road tires on - need to try that some time. I wanted a light weight wheel for all the braking and accelerating the occurs in cross but I needed some strength too. I wanted the weight of the 38 and after confirming their strength with Boyd I ordered those.

After a couple weeks my wheels arrived in perfect shape. I glued them up and mud! Finally this last weekend we had some mud. I raced the wheels both Sat and Sun last weekend and they performed flawlessly. Nice and stiff and handled the low pressures and occasional bottoming out without any problems. I like they way they look too.

In summary - I like the wheels and the price can't be beat! Maybe I'll actually try them with some road tires this summer.

Look at those pretty wheels on the red 'Dale!