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    Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50 for a Clydesdale

    Thinking of these are they for a big guy? I weigh in between 230lbs & 245lbs depending in the time of year. I can put a lot of power down in a sprint acne like a stiff wheel. I've been riding primarily Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL's, and like them.


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    I remember a ridding buddy mention the following warning that comes with the wheels (he is about 82kg - 180lbs):

    If you weigh over 109 kg/240 lbs we advise you not to use this product. Non compliance with this warning can damage the product irreversibly.

    If you weigh 82 kg/180 lbs or more, you must be especially vigilant and have your bicycle inspected more frequently (than someone weighing less
    than 82 kg/180 lbs). Check with your mechanic to discuss whether the wheels you selected are suitable for your use, and to determine the frequency of inspections

    I'm sure many don't have any problems at that weight but at 135lbs I wouldn't know.

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    I bought a pair of Bullet 50s (non Ultra), first ride today. Structurally these will be identical to the Bullet 50 Ultra, apart from having a steel axle and brass-nickel nipples (rather than the Ultra's alloy parts in those places). I think that is possibly a better choice for the heavier rider, as the alloy axles would be stressed considerably. Apart from the negligible weight difference of the nipples, the rotational weight--where this counts--will be the same for the entry level Bullet. I'll be reviewing these properly after a few more rides. I currently weigh 185, probably down to 175 or so in the summer.

    Although the documentation carries the same weight restrictions for the Bullet 50, and for the Bullet 80 as well.

    (same document for each depth)

    The spokes on the Bullet wheel are also very slender like Sapim CX-Rays, and there aren't a lot of them. You might be better off with a 24f/28r custom build for a similar depth of carbon rim, especially for sprinting. I would recommend a heavier gauge of spoke as well, it won't slow you down, and would withstand a lot more torque when you're laying it down on the pedals.

    I read an article I think it was in slowtwitch, where it was explained that the new carbon rims are much stiffer than the supporting spokes (with low spoke counts), so in order to prevent rubbing on the brake pads, especially for sprinting efforts, a stiffer lacing pattern (more spokes, thicker spokes, crossed rather than radial) is best. I think the Campagnolo G3 pattern on the back does go some way towards addressing this but I'd be inclined to go for a 2X pattern rather than radial on the front for your application.

    The difference with the Mavic Cosmic Carbone is the spokes are laced to a more compliant alloy rim, not the carbon part. So the rim has more give, and the equilibrium of the tensile structure holds up better. Attaching spokes to the carbon rim creates a wheel where the opposing spokes are pulled around a lot more by the rim itself.
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