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    Campy Bora wheels - what's the difference, is there a difference?

    Aside from Lightweight Standards and Zipp 404, I'm also interested in the Campagnolo Boras. However, I'm still at a loss as to whether the Bora 2 Ultras are worth the additional $$ over the Bora 1. One comes with carbon hubs and ceramic bearings, and the other, the Bora 1, I believe, does not. The question is, which would you guys go with?

    I do have Shamals with carbon hubs and ceramic bearings, which ride very nice, but they sure didn't cost me northward of $4K.


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    The Bora 2 Ultras cost more and you get to say that you have Bora 2 Ultras. Otherwise, the upgrades are a waste of money. Steel bearings from Campagnolo are among the best out there already.

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