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    DT Swiss R470 db

    Is this a good wheel, average wheel, or simply a wheel? I'm currently riding on these (disc) and I'm wondering if I should plan to budget on new wheels one day in the future or if I already have great wheels and there will be no reason to upgrade.

    I'm not a racer, ride for exercise 16-18 mph on 2017 specialized roubaix. I'm more interested in comfort than racing, etc.

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    Probably just ride them , The R470 is a good rim, don't know about the hubs, but what do you weigh, and what is the spoke count, an what type of terrain do you normally ride, will determine how long the wheel lasts.

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    It depends what you're looking for. Increased comfort will result from bigger tires and lower pressure.

    Bigger tires roll over cracks in the road better and lower pressure will absorb bumps better.

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