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    Easton EA50's - HELP!

    Just got a pair of EA50's from a friend and when I proceeded to mount my conti 4000's (which have about 2500 miles on them), the strangest thing happened - it was an epic battle to mount the tire to the wheel, actually broke a tire iron in the process. And when I proceeded to dismount tire to see what was going on, I broke another tire iron. It was nuts. Unless I am doing something wrong here, cannot see myself using them in view of difficulty for attending flats.

    Anyone have any experience or advice with EA50's?


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    Well, this is something that can be quite frustrating from a mechanics standpoint. I cant even count how many times this has happened to me.
    The trick that I use to get the tires on is to go with no tire lever. If you really try to use the heel of your palm, this will give you just as much force to put the tire in place.
    Getting the tire off, however, can be a bit more difficult. I would suggest trying to find a lever that has metal internals with a softer plastic covering (so that you don't damage your rim). If this doesn't work, ask the LBS for their biggest ogre of a tech to help you out.

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    I feel your pain. I had similar issues with Contis on Neuvation and EA70s. You may want to look at what rim strips you use also. Bulky rim strips can make it more difficult (although from the sound of it, this may not help too much).

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    I have EA70 and just mounted a new Conti 4000 25c this week. No problems at all. I'm using strapping tape so it doesn't get much thinner for rim tape. Are you making sure the bead is in the center groove of the rim?

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    Had the same issue on my EA50's with a set of Hutchinson Atoms. Just use soapy water and reverse the tire lever on the last bit of tire. Check that the tube isnt pinched before inflating. Works like a charm. If you can find some Veloplugs they make mounting tires a lot easier.
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