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    Easton EA90SL issues

    So i got a set of Easton EA90sl clinchers for my trek madone. They were great for about 6 months, then my first spoke broke on the front wheel. Last thread at the nipple. Had the spoke replaced and two weeks later anohter broke spoke....3 later my local LBS sent to Easton for warranty. They sent a brand new front wheel. Low and behold after about 6 mohts of riding break my first spoke on the new one, two weeks later i get my second broke local LBS is getting it warranty replaced again as they wont take them back telling me that they are wheels over 12 months old.

    I am 6ft and 190lbs and live in Colorado, do a lot of training in the hills climbing and race local crits, as well as road races. I have moved from a Trek Madone to a Specialized Tarmac SL4.

    Looking for a new wheel set that is still responsive and stiff like Easton, but reliable at the same time that I can train on, race, and climb well.

    I have looked at the ROL SLR, and the Mavic kysrium SL. I have heard nothing but good about both wheel sets just debating which route to go. I have spoken with Sean at ROl and he has been nothing but helpful in answering questions and helping to instill faith in the ROL's which is what I am leaning towards

    Just wanted to see what others think and some general advice.


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    I've heard very mixed reviews about Easton wheels. Go to the Easton section of the forum and you hear the same complaints: Great, stiff wheels.......when they aren't broken. I've solicited advise from shops that sell both and they all steer me away from their Easton offerings. I guess they're tired of angry customers coming back!

    I'm about your size and have a pair of Kysriums that I communte to work with. Potholes, rain, bumps, etc.. They've never gone out of true.

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    I bought a pair of Easton EA90 aero from PB, Iím too worried about what I have heard and am going to return them. I am probably going to order a pair of Soul s3.0 sl from $500 shipped. Have read great things, and are coming in very close to their listed weights.

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    Welcome to the club. EA90 SLX 2 spokes in 500 miles. One wheel replacement under warranty. Same body weight as OP, get used to it.

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    I have heard numerous times from several different people that Easton received a bad batch of spokes and that caused the issues with broken spokes. I asked my LBS if I should go with the EA90SLX or the Mavic Ksyrium SL's and they streered me towards the Easton's. I weigh 170 and have had the Easton's for about 8 far so good (knock on wood)

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