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    Easton EC90 aero or Reynolds DV3k t

    Hi guys,

    Im in the market for some new racing tubular wheels and tyres. Im a heavy rider weighing in at 195lbs which so choosing the right balence of strength / weight in a wheelset is critical

    My choices:

    Easton EC90 aero
    -1335g, 18h front, 20 rear
    -56mm aero rim
    -No weight limit
    -apparently very stiff

    Reynolds DV3k t
    -1380g, 20h front, 24h rear
    -46mm aero rim
    -No weight limit
    -apparently very stiff

    As for tyres, what can people recomend for a fast, light and reliable tubular race tyre?

    Any advice is much appreciated,


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    Same situation here, albeit I'm 5 pounds lighter and looking at the same rims.

    Leaning toward the EC90 Aeros at the moment. Have seen them on fleabay for $1,089 for the 2010 variant. As far as I can tell, no changes were made to this wheelset from 2010 to 2011.

    Are either of the wheelsets referenced by the OP up to the task of carrying 190+ pound hard mashing hammerheads?

    Input from similar sized users and abusers is appreciated.

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    I've been happy with the performance of my EC90 aero's, but I only go about 170 lbs. I've seen some big dudes racing cross on them, so they must be pretty durable.

    As for tires, I've had good luck with Vittoria Paves. You can find lighter tires, but then you would be compromising durability/flat protection. Also, the Paves have a great, supple ride.

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    Scott in Maryland
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    6-1 , 180 pounds on DV3K Clinchers. Love 'em. I have a review up on them. They are sturdy and fast.

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    I have the EC90 Aeros and love them. I race sometimes upwards of 225 and have never had problems with wheel flex.

    For tires I use Conti Sprinter Gatorskins. I got a lot of advice about tubular tires and the consensus was that the Gatorskin addition to the tire didn't sacrifice too much in the way of road feel and rolling resistance but gives an added bit of protection. You know, what's the point of all the training if you flat out in the first lap?

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