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    Flashpoint 60 Stories?

    Zipp decided to offer my club a sponsorship deal, and they're letting us buy 2008 wheels at some pretty good prices. I'm thinking about the Flashpoint 60, which I can get for about half price. Does anyone here ride them? What have your experiences been? I would use these as my race wheels on my new build.
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    They are pretty heavy, but a damn good deal at half price.

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    i have the 2008 fp60 model..after initial truing they have been exceptional wheels..they hold speed well when you get them rolling and you will notice an improvement right is a review i saw and what they say is the same things i experienced..they are super comfy wheels by the way..i run 70 gr tubes with the supplied extenders and contis 4000s

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    here they are on my madone
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Flashpoint 60 Stories?-madone-fp60.jpg  

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    they look insanely hot on your rig.
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    From the FP60 first impression review here on RBR. FP60's mounted on a Rival equipped Pedal Force RS2. There are a few more pictures of the wheels in the review.

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    i have the Real Design version of the fp-60, it's called the Supersonic 60.

    - different hubs(Tune?)
    - bladed spokes(DT)

    They are not light by any means, but they do hold speed nicely, climb pretty
    well and don't do anything dangerous while i'm out of the saddle(no creaks or
    other scary noises either.) They seem to mute the road feel nicely, which i like
    and i'm guessing they will be comfy for long distance.

    The rear has stayed true with about 1200+ miles of 1 to 2 hour rides. As i was
    changing tires(see below) i noticed that the front will need a bit of tweaking soon,
    so maybe spoke tension from the factory wasn't perfectly even - so just a bit
    out of true, but still perfectly round. Braking is excellent and predictable as
    expected(alloy brake surface).

    The rear has possibly the noisiest hub i've heard in a long time, but these aren't
    FP hubs, so YMMV - no lag when i jump tho' so it's still OK.

    Changing tires was a bit difficult, but i'm not sure if that's just the rims or the tires
    or both yet. I pinched a tube with my quik-stik the first time on, causing a massive
    and deafening blowout. I had to get out my Soma levers, and was successful thereafter.
    (These were stock on my QR Caliente tri bike and were shod with Conti Ultra Race 23s
    which i've just replaced with the Conti Attack/Force(Black Chili) combo. The ultra race
    were not giving me a confident feeling when descending at speed, particularly when
    tighter corners are involved. I'm hoping the new Black Chili formulation will give me
    some better grip and feel. The ultra race had poorer feel and grip than the michelin
    pro2races i have on my kestrel.)

    Real mis-applied the stickers on my rear(into the brake track), so i took them off;
    i can't decide if i like the stealth look yet. i'm looking into custom graphics but
    am not happy with the prices and options yet.

    Overall, i'm very happy with this wheelset.

    pros: fast, comfy, excellent braking performance
    cons: not exactly light, noisy rr freehub(Real not FP), possibly hard to change tires
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    Just buck up a get a set of Zipp 404s or the 69ers
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