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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    Personally, I would avoid anything with an alloy freehub, which includes just about any brand of hub not mentioned in this paragraph. At 200lbs., if you have any strength, your cassette will eventually gouge your freehub and cause shifting problems. If severe enough, you may even have great difficulty separating the two.
    Bitex is now installing stainless steel splines on the hubs from BHS to prevent that gouging, and they also have available solid steel freehubs, great for heavier riders.

    H Plus Son  Hydra-fh-rar12-antibite-2.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by MudSnow View Post
    Brake track? Hydra has no brake track!

    The Hydra | H PLUS SON

    The Hydra
    Weight: 455 grams
    Material: G609 Alloy
    Height: 23 mm
    Width: 25 mm
    Size: 700c
    Joint: Welded
    Tubeless Compatible
    For Disc Brakes
    ERD: 589
    I stand CORRECTED! It is the Archetypes that have a brake track.
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