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    Has anyone swapped out DA C24 for a new wider set of wheels? Like to hear your exp

    I'm currently running DA 9000 C24 wheels and are generally happy with them. Light, quick accelerating, solid no issues. They are good wheels. I'm running them with GP 4000S II 25mm. I weigh 170# (need to lose a few#) and run them 90/100 PSI F/R

    That being said, all the hubbub about the new wider wheels makes me wonder if Im missing out. I get the reasoning behind it and it seems to make sense.

    What I would be looking at would be rim brake aluminum clinches. Not interested in carbon unless it has aluminum brake track. At this point the HED Belgium/Ardennes+, Zipp 30 are a couple I was looking at. Possibly custom build. Open to ideas. Being I have a light set of wheels now, I'd like to stay in similar range.

    With a very wide wheel such as those, how low a PSI could I run with a tube setup? 75/85?

    id like to hear from someone who has done a similar change. What do you think of it? What are before/after PSI? Comfort/acceleration/handing observations?


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    I went from Kinlin rims to Hed and H Plus Son. Not sure how many MMs the increase in width was but it was typical.

    With 10 lower PSI I noticed a smoother ride and better cornering without feeling a little more squishy as just lowering tires on more narrow rims by 10 psi. The difference was slight and definitely not one I would ditch perfectly good wheels and spend hundreds for. I got them because my narrow rims were shot.

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    I have used wheels with rims that were 14, 15, 17 and 18mm internal width (with same tire width). The difference I noticed was in stability and feeling more planted in corners. I felt the biggest difference between 14 to 15mm. I felt a difference between 15 and 17mm. I felt no difference between 17 and 18mm.

    To complicate comparisons, when I started building my own wheels, I went to a higher spoke count. The 14 and 15mm rim wheels were factory wheels. The 17 and 18mm rim wheels were my own builds. So it is possible that my perceived differences were because of the higher spoke count.

    One thing to note. You will be moving up drastically in internal rim width if you go from a DA C24 to a Belgium + or Ardennes +. That will be going from 15 to 21mm. This will increase your tire widths by at least 2mm. So your 25mm tire will effectively be a 27mm tire. As long as they will fit between your chain stays, this is a good thing. But check clearance carefully or you may end up with a beautiful new wheelset for decorative purposes only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    So your 25mm tire will effectively be a 27mm tire.
    Or wider. On Velocity A-23 rims, my GP 4000 IIs 25 mm tires measure 28 mm on the rear (90 psi and "well used" tire) and 27 on the front (80 psi and new tire).

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    Thanks for the input! I tried a little experiment which had unexpected results. On another project, i have a Surly Crosscheck which is my commuter bike. I was running some Specialized factory wheels that are labeled as 622x14. Tires are 32C Gator hardshells.

    I want to also use that bike for gravel rides. I bought 2 sets of identical wheels so it would be easy to swap from commuter to gravel setup. The wheels have DT R460 rims which are 18/23mm inside/outside. Changing the 14mm to the 18mm rim definitely made the 32C tires plump out nice. They are wider and fit the rim better. I have not set up the gravel tires yet (those will be tubeless).

    For the heck of it I put a worn out GP 4000 SII 25mm on one of the rims. I could see right away that it was NOT wider on this rim compared to the C24. I measured and the C24 was 27mm while the R460 was 26mm. The C24 has a more round profile where the R460 is more square. This is measuring with a caliper at widest point so doesnt tell the whole story. Also, not the same tire but same model and size. Possibly some variance there? I didnt take it for a ride or anything.

    Im still looking at this change as a possibility. A Hed Youtube video on tire pressure recommends 70-80 PSI for the plus rims. 70 PSI would be so smooth! I would assume that size rim would give me a nice wide footprint. I would be running this still with tubes as 70PSI is still in the range where pinch flat is not an issue.

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