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    HED H3 tri-spoke versus other aero wheelsets

    I currently have Hed Jet 6's that I use for road racing and Time Trials/Tri's (I use a disc cover for time trials). I'm curious as to how aero the Hed H3 tri-spoke compared to my current set-up as well as compared to other areo wheelsets. While this could be marketing hype, it seems like I've heard that the tri-spoke is one of the most aero wheelsets available and is not as effected as much by cross-winds versus deeper or full disc options. But, if it's such an aero wheel, why don't I see more people racing on them (ie - I don't see a lot of the professional triathletes racing on them)?

    I'm considering getting a front tri-spoke for my time trials and triathlons (which I would use for mostly flat/rolling courses with variable winds), but I'm not sure it would be that much more aero than my Jet 6 that I currently use. Any thoughts?
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    MJ, I have a pair of the full carbon H3 and they're good, very good. Honestly, I think you're set. No perceivable difference compared to the nice set of wheel you have. You're good man.

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    Been very happy with my Jet 6's (inc helping me to my 1st ironman finish). H3's are sl more aero (at least according to HED) web site, but Jet 6's at sl lighter & wider rim seems to ride smoother (same tire/pressure). Jet 6 w/disc cover is very respectable all-around combo.

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