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    Hutchinson Intensive Clincher

    Anyone have experience with this tire? I found discussions on the tubular, but not the clincher.

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    Great tire, and love Road Tubeless. Don't have a whole lot of kilometers on it yet though.

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    Have about 500 miles on the tubeless version. One puncture that sealed up once I refreshed the sealent in the tire. Seem to roll well. Good cut resistance. I am seeing very, very little wear. Wouldn't use them to race, but they seem to be a good, solid training and commuting tire.

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    I have had them on my everyday wheels all last season as well as this winter, same set. They are great tires the wear very slowly but don't seem overly hard. I use them mainly as training tires but have raced on them in some local crits with no issues. After all that I got my first flat on them this weekend but it was from pinch flatting on a pothole not a puncture. I would highly recommend them.

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