Hello Everyone

I decided to pull the trigger on these wheels that were on sale here on the classified adds section


I know I am doing this backwards but I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with these wheels if they can give me their input.

I just sold my Mavics SL and was looking for another set and this one caught my attention plus the Seller was very good in addressing all my questions.

heres what seller told me.

I can't compare to Mavic SL wheels as I don't own a set, but I can tell you these wheels are the best I've ever owned. From what I've read the I9's are deeper rimmed wheels, 30mm compared to 22mm fronts. The rear I9 wheel has 24 spokes where the Mavic SL has 20 spokes. Generally more spokes indicate greater stiffness and less lateral movement. Weight is 30g less than Mavic SL based on 1480g Mavic SL weight.

Here are the specs on the I9's

18 spoke Front - All Ceramic Bearings
24 spoke Rear - All Ceramic Bearings (4 more spokes than Mavic SL)
The rims are 30mm deep. (8mm deeper than Mavic SL, more aero than Mavic SL)
Custom branded I9 etched Aero Bladed I9 spokes.
1450g a set. (30g lighter than Mavic SL)
2 non-I9 branded skewers included. When purchased they didn't come with skewers. You might want to buy a titanium set to keep weight down.

The rear free hub body and bearings were just replaced by I9. My local bike shop wasn't 100% sure of how to properly re-install the bearings since they don't see these wheels very often and didn't want to damage anything (great service!!!). They mailed off to I9 and they completely rebuilt the rear hub to new. I called I9 to verify this. The rear freehub has no cassette indentions or any scratches at all. It's 100% new.

These wheels don't' seem to have any drag or top end when I descend down my hill rides. Typically with my lower end wheels I don't have to hit the brakes because they reach a maximum speed. On these if I don't ride the brakes I'm off the shoulder and down the side of a hill. They spin up fast and roll true.

They're in great condition and worth every bit the $575. Again these retail for $1100 new. If I said they were in fair condition they'd be worth $575, but appearance wise they're in Great condition and now that I9 has replaced the bearings and replaced the free hub body for intensive purposes the rear is new in terms of mechanical parts.

He said they built 12 sets of these for the Hincappie development cycling team in SC to try out. theres a link on the add you tube that talks about the new EGO wheels as well.

Thanks in advance