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Thread: Kenda Kaliente

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    Kenda Kaliente

    So today was my first ride out on some slightly used Kenda Kaliente tires. They replaced Bontrager Race X Lites. They were awesome, felt so nimble, and smooth. Has anyone else had experiance with these, or are there some tips on even better tires.

    P.S. They weigh in at 198g, a very nice weight.

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    i used to ride on Kenda Kaliente. probably the only tyres i have not yet had a puncture. could be just luck, who knows. anyway, i found them to be slow and harsh. after having done about 1000km, i decided to permanent move over to Pro2 Race, which i found to be faster and smoother to ride on.


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    Like Boon said: no flats yet !! On my second set and couldn't be happier. Feel great to me !

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    I run koncepts (just slightly heavier) and kontenders. Kenda makes a great bang for the buck tire. & not a bang as in a blowout.

    More folks ought to try them.
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