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    Mavic Cosmic Carbone Premium SL vs Flashpoint

    I am searching for a set of areo clinchers. Price point is the key, either set of wheels can be had for around $1100. I know zipp 404, campys or reynolds dv 46 are better wheels but I am not willing to spend 2k. Weight is not much of an issue for me, I weight 195 and ride primary flat to rolling hills. Durability and aero advantage are primary to me. I plan on using them alot not just race day wheels. Does any one have direct experience using either one of these wheels?

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    Some more info on the Flashpoint rims... they are available for custom builds, and I was told by Zipp that 28h drillings are available... if you want a more solid wheel.

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    Go for the Mavics

    I bought a pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone Premium (clinchers) around January 2007 and I have been very, very satisfied with them. I ride mostly in the flats being in South Florida. Their only negative is that they are on the heavy-end of aero wheels so I wouldn't want to climb Ventoux with them, but the numerous positives outweigh that single negative. The positives are:

    1. They're bullet-proof. These are very nicely built wheels, great quality.
    2. They're stiff as hell.
    3. That stiffness means you can corner with total confidence on techincal turns.
    4. Once you get your cadence going, you really start to feel the wheels roll forward and you can close gaps more easily than with a "normal" wheelset.
    5. They're super sharp-looking.
    6. Mavic has its MP3 protection plan which for 8% of the MSRP of the wheelset you get complete protection in case you crash, even if it's your fault. I crashed badly riding on these wheels but they didn't have a scatch. Still great peace of mind.
    7. Changing inner tubes on these Premiums is ridiclously easy.

    I haven't used the Flashpoints, all I know is that they're the economy version of aero wheels manufactured by Zipp.

    There was an article in Bicycling magazine about six months ago that compared the Flashpoints against the Cosmic Carbone Premiums. While the Premiums were pricier, the Premiums got the nod.

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    I think you should also check out the Hed Jet 50 wheels.

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