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    Mystery freehub body

    I have a pair of Vision Team 30 wheels (the same as FSA Gossamer) which I commute/train on. Recently after a couple of wet rides the freehub developed a loud ratcheting sound and a sort of bearing grumble so I thought I should take a look in there and clean/relube. I have a set of Fulcrum 3 which are very easy to maintain, 10mm hex wrench, its off, lubed and back on in a couple of minutes.

    I thought the Visions would be the same but no such luck. A quick scan of the Vision/FSA websites turned up no technical information so I went for it, got the axle out and tried my 10mm hex on the freehub body. It was too small. I guessed at 11mm or 12mm so I mail ordered both (not available anywhere locally). Stuck the 11mm in the drive side and cranked it CCW but got nowhere. At this point I take it to the LBS who figure out it needs to come off by loosening the 12mm bolt from the non-drive side - they did not have a 12mm so I did it myself at home. So I got the free hub body off, popped off the seal at the back and tried to drip lube into it. I put it back together and it is quieter but still a bit rough. I think I need a new one.

    I have emailed Vision/FSA but have had no reply, these are some kind of generic no-name hub, the free hub body looks like this:

    A-Class Freehub Body > Components > Wheel Goods > Hub Small Parts | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop

    What do I measure or look for in order to figure what it is so I can get a new one? The wheel bearings themselves are perfect, its just the freehub that is rough - should I care?

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    FSA have replied. Their guy says its the in-house PRA hub - nah, that's found on much fancier wheels than these, like the Trimax 30. Still a mystery.

    I aim to take the wheel out for a good thrashing tomorrow to check out the level of noise. If its still rough I'll pop off the freehub and have the LBS figure it out.

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