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Thread: nexo tires

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    nexo tires

    anyone heard of these tires or similar
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    Never heard of 'em. I'd consider something like that for a commuter but no way I'd use it on my road bikes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by go do it View Post
    anyone heard of these tires or similar
    Inventors have been claiming various run-flat bicycle tire successes for the last 100 years or so. Each and every one has been a failure: lousy ride, heavy, expensive, etc. But I'm sure THIS time they have solved all those issues. Right?

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    I always want to believe, since for utilitarian purposes it'd be great.

    This one dies for me with their material of choice, Nexell polymer. Plastic tires in the rain and snow? I don't think so.

    It's also used to make these:

    Nexel Nexelite Polymer Plastic Mat Shelving Section 24W x 48L

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