I'm building up a Ritchey Breakaway and just put together a wheelset for it. I had a rear wheel that had been lying around ever since the Mavic MA3 rim failed around the eyelets. I ordered a new Mavic Open Sport rim for it ($40 at Bikeman) and simply moved the spokes over. Total piece of cake. The newer rims are so easy to build with. Was perfectly true and round within minutes.

I also ordered a Handspun Ultegra/Open Pro wheel for the front, and it came from Bikeman almost perfect--I had to turn one spoke 1/4 turn and it was dialed. These are a great value at $160 for the front and $200 for the rear.

I went with Continental Grand Prix 4-Season with Vectran 700 x 25 from BikeTiresDirect and they mounted very easily on the Mavic rims and look great (they also ride great--I have them on another bike).

Anyway, just thought I'd share.