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    Recommendation for Tubeless 135 mm Disc Light Touring Wheels

    I'm planning on building up a Lynskey Urbano frame (135 mm spacing) using disc brakes and want to run tubeless. I'm small (135 lbs) and will be carrying about 40 lbs of gear to do some touring with kids. I was thinking about Velocity A23 rims and not sure about best hubs. Anyone have any other thoughts ? Was thinking about Shimano 105 hubs but these are 130 mm...thoughts ?

    135mm spacing
    Budget flexble

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    In my opinion, there are a ton of rims you could be looking at that might work out better. Stan's Grail, DT460, and Kinlin XR31T are all similar enough budget wise and appropriate to your use and worth looking at. If you want to go for a really really nice rim that's a step higher in budget (but only by like $40/rim) the Easton R90SL is really hard to beat. I haven't yet used H+Son Hydra but will try a set this week, having heard good things about them.

    For hubs, 105s aren't disc hubs, so they're straight out. The general problems with Shimano disc hubs are several. For one, they only have I think 2 disc hubs that are 11 speed compatible. May not be a problem for you now or ever, but it's limiting. For another, they don't have any road-oriented disc hubs that are anything but quick release, so if your bike has any flavor of thru-axle, they're out. And none of their axles are format-fluid - if you buy a quick release hub, it can't be converted to thru-axle or any permutation of that switch. And then their spoke drillings are limited. CX75s, which are in some ways a very attractive hub, are only 28/28 QR and that's it you can't have anything else. Most others are 32h minimum. Not a huge problem for your application but at 180 loaded up you really don't need 32h wheels, at all. There's very little downside to it, but it's far from necessary. Disc wheels are quite stable. I built 2 32h disc rear wheels with HED rims and White Industries CLD hubs yesterday and was just laughing at how strong they are. I generally like how Shimano puts hubs together and would be amenable to using them were it not for these limitations, which to my mind are 100% fabricated to shift demand to their factory built wheel set options.

    There are a lot of budget friendly hubs that will do great, like Bitex 106s or Novatec 771/772. Those are the top tier hubs from those makers and they're quite good hubs. White Industries CLDs will do anything you ask of them for your next three lifetimes at some additional cost.

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    I'm using more and more Hope hubs. Changing axles is super easy and the conversion kits are some of the lest expensive out there. THeir hubs are just as nice as top tier stuff, just not as light, but cost considerably less too. THe Pro mtb hub is 11 speed friendly has some big tall flanges and very large bearings. Makes for a stupid strong wheel. THe RS4 hub is a bit lighter, but can cost a few dollars more.

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    If you're going disc anyway...get a thru-axle frame. Save yourself lots of trouble. The Urbano is sold in 12x142mm TA rear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    If you're going disc anyway...get a thru-axle frame. Save yourself lots of trouble. The Urbano is sold in 12x142mm TA rear.
    I agree with the 12x142 TA recommendation. Many more options than with the 135 which is fading away fast.
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    Thanks. I will definitely go 142 TA--So many choices-mind boggling...

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