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    Mr. Papagiorgio

    Reynolds Solitude vs. Campy Record Hubs/DT Swiss Comp spokes/DT Swiss RR1.1

    I'm looking at getting some new training (some climbing) wheels and am 175 lbs. Any opinions between these two wheelsets: Reynolds Solitude vs. Campy Record Hubs, DT Swiss Comp Spokes and DT Swiss RR1.1?

    All help appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You can't go wrong with either

    Having used both, they are both great combos. You can't beat Campy and DT reliability and I have been very happy with the Solitudes. I would compare pricing and then decide from there.


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    i have the record hubs, dt rr 1.1 with dt straight guage spokes and they are excellent. i worried that my rims were the single eyelet but at 164 pounds i have not had any cracking around the rims at all. they are light enough, tough enough and super stiff. i didn't worry with db spokes cause i wanted stiffness and thats what i got. very responsive to acceleration.

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