I have a 2110 Cannondale Super Six (non Hi-Mod frame) with Sram Red and Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels. Iím 57, and weigh about 155 lbs and I donít raceÖjust like to ride fast.

Twice per week I ride a club fast pace 24 mile ride. I also ride about 34 miles with a lot of climbing, descending and cornering about 4 times per week. I donít race but want a good pair of all around aerodynamic wheels for the above and Iím willing to pay around $1,000.00.

Iíve heard good things regarding the Rolf Prima Vigor SL alloy wheels, the Mavicís Cosmic Elite and their Cosmic Carbone SL PowerTap.

I know there are all kinds of wheels out there and would like some feedback on the wheels above as well as any other major name that would benefit me riding on what I explained above. I would like to keep it around $1000.00.

Iím leaning towards the Rolfís as a couple of shops said theyíve had good luck with them.

Thank for any input!